RADICAL ALBUM: Born Gold – Bodysongs

Hello all,

Remember last year when I was hyped out about a band called Gobble Gobble and their great song “Lawn Knives”? Well Gobble Gobble has returned, only under the name of Born Gold. The music has definitely not changed in the slightest; it’s still the hyperactive blast for your ears like it was before.

The first two songs on this album are the two singles they released last year “Lawn Knives” and “End of Days” which were two of my all time favorite tracks from last year. So they definitely started the album off right with those two. They followed the two previous singles with one of their newer singles “Decimate Everything” which is another GREAT song. Another awesome song is “Alabaster Bodyworlds” which is similar  Some songs don’t have the best of introductions, like “Eat Sun, Son” which starts off with a disassembled array of strange sounds and very sharp synth noises. Then it warps into an actual poppish song, totally apart from the introduction. The lyrics are also extremely strange. They always were. They still are. When you can tell what they’re saying, anyways. Talking about wombs, veins, blood, crazy alien things that don’t make sense… the list goes on. But it’s alright, cause this stuff is a blast.

This band definitely has a signature style which is characterized by intensely quick and hard-hitting beats and a ton of textures and melodies going on you almost get overstimulated from all of the dimensions of the music. Seriously, it’s like your ears and brain are on a sugar high created by this music; the equivalent of just doing a line of cane sugar. There is an unlimited amount of chopped up and distorted synths that it’s mind-altering, a bit. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, not at all. It’s just that not a lot of music you get the feeling of 100% excitement and energy all the time, every single listen. This music definitely isn’t for everybody. It’s like radio pop music put into a food processor and injected with ten different industrial chemicals to create something alive out of something once-dead. I like it. Something like I haven’t heard before.

The reason I bring this album up is because they are offering a free download of the album on their bandcamp page right HERE so you can get it RIGHT NOW! You can also stream it on Soundcloud to see if you like it before you download it FOR FREE. If you were to get just a few songs from it, I would suggest the first three songs and the last two, if you were to get ANY of them. I seriously recommend the whole album because it’s free AND it’s INSANE.

Pick this one up. I highly recommend it.


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