Radical! – Stuart Duncan, Chris Thile, Yo Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer – “Attaboy”

Any string musician’s eyes would perk up at the sight of seeing Yo Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer being on the title of this post. For Stuart Duncan and Chris Thile, the bluegrass fans got all giddy, I bet. These four fantastic musicians teamed up to make one heck of a collaboration album called “The Goat Rodeo Sessions” which featured all of the musicians in their prime element, crafting some of the best “fiddle-esque” music I’ve ever heard. One standout on the album, which you should get, is the first song “Attaboy” which sounds like multiple traditional fiddle style tunes smashed together with all of the supreme musical ability of the four musicians. Feels good, man.

INSANITY! Bet the regular viewers, if there are any, are scratching their heads. There has never been any fiddle style type of music on here before! BUT ALAS, I am a huge fan. There just aren’t many really good tunes that have surfaced these days, unfortunately. There are some great bands and tunes out there though. Y’all should look ’em up. This one is a mind explosion.



Have a great day!

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