New & Radical!: John Talabot – “Destiny (feat. Pional)”

I featured John Talabot last year on the old blog with his song “Families” that featured Cameron Meisrow, AKA Glasser, a favorite of 2010 with her LP Rings. This tune is great and builds like an electronic construction site (PFFTCCHHH sorry I’ve already written four blog posts today) and features an excellent, tasty bassline. This really reminds me of 2006/7-era electro pop, which was an excellent time period for my electronic loving ears. Brilliant sound really bubbles up and out from beneath the layers that the song lays down ending in a jacuzzi-like setting of warm, pulsating jets of synth noise, bubbling up with buoyant basslines. Awesome. You can get “fIN” on iTunes and Amazon MP3 now, but the physical copy comes out on February 7th.

Yeah Jacuzzis!

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