Radical Tracks: THEESatisfaction, Trust, Charli XCX, Evy Jane and MORE


THEESatisfaction – “Enchantruss”

THEESatisfaction is a female duo that makes what I’d like to call “Afro-centric hip hop/r&b.” They had a guest spot on one of my favorite albums of last year, Shabazz Palaces’ “Black Up” on the song “Swerve…” Well this time Ishmael Butler gets his turn to guest and delivers a sick verse that pulls the whole thing together. The female verses are great too, as is the beat. Sounds like it belongs on “Black Up.” This song is a free download, so get on that folks!

Trust – “Bulbform”

This song contains awesome, electronic, melting, dancefloor synth grime, sweaty beats and a sense of darkness that envelops the entire thing. I feel like when I’m listening to it I need to light up in inside of my headphones with a glowstick or something. Fueled probably by psychedelics, this time machine takes you back to the dancefloor rave of the 90’s. Don’t talk to the guy in the corner, he might attack you.

Charli XCX – “Valentine”

First time I heard Charli XCX I was not having it. Not sure why, looking back, since the first song I heard of hers was “Stay Away” which I now love. Well, this song came out on of course Valentines day and it’s a sweet love song, sort of. With a chorus “I was told that you love me/but obviously not.” Doesn’t really sound like a love song. But this is sweet as sugar and free to download. Get on that, this girl is gonna blow up 2012 for sure.

Evy Jane – “Sayso”

Lovely r&b with minimalist beats akin to a lighter kind of Burial or James Blake with jazzy, chilled out female vocals. At first I thought it might be to laid back for me, but this song is actually sick I’ve come to realize. The beat is something that I’d probably listen to itself and the sweet vocals are just icing on the cake. Check this one out for sure.

The Men – “Please Don’t Go Away”

This track isn’t out yet, but thanks to my ins on the WHUS studio, I got this early. Wooo. This record is really interesting, but I’ll review it later. This song is like and unlike old The Men in different ways. In one way, it’s loud and abrasive like The Men that I knew before, with shredding guitars, huge drums and TONS of energy. Unlike their previous record, this is super pop like. There are “woooos” in the background making vocals harmonies and it almost has a driving structure, not just semi-organized noise. I like it a lot, along with the rest of the album. Check it out when it comes out on 3/6.


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