Radical Tracks: Purity Ring, Fiona Apple and Beck

Hello again.

Here, we have three new tracks from artists I absolutely love. Seriously. I love these groups/musicians. The first is from Purity Ring, a newish duo from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that is a side project off of the hyper-pop group Born Gold, formerly GOBBLE GOBBLE. Their sound is characterized by really warped beats and light, female vocals that foil with the whole morphing, distorted beats and really creates an eerie but beautiful atmosphere. I actually pre-ordered their new album, coming July 24th on 4AD. I’m very excited.

Fiona Apple and Beck, on the other hand, are veterans to the music making game, both being stars of the 90’s music scene. Beck might be my favorite artist of all time, so when I heard that he had a new song out, even if it was a cover, I jumped on that. It’s really good, per usual all Beck songs. As is the Fiona Apple track, which is impressive. She hasn’t been in the music making game since about 2004 with her album “Extraordinary Machine.”

Check these out! Do yourself a favor!

Purity Ring – Obedear

Download HERE
Summon the Sound (Purity Ring Remix) (Below)

Fiona Apple – Every Single Night

Beck – I Only Have Eyes For You


Have an excellent day!

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