New: Yeasayer – “Henrietta”

Psychedelic electronic dudes Yeasayer have released a new song off of their upcoming album that is untitled at the moment, but I am really excited about it. I loved their last release, Odd Blood and ranked it my #15 album of 2010. I liked their album before that, All Hour Cymbals, as well, but it didn’t really stay with me like Odd Blood did. Heck I even saw Yeasayer live. Great concert, except when the girl in front of me that got crushed by a drunk stage diver. That was a bad time. Nevertheless, Yeasayer know how to put on a killer show, so that’s a good signification of a great band.

This new track starts off with a sick groove set down by the bassist and some synth textures flutter in and out of the aural realm, sticking to the sort of sound that was on Odd Blood, but obviously showing an evolution of sorts: more complex build-ups and instrumentation. It reminds me of a group of futuristic gypsies from another dimension, traveling across a desert of stars. If that doesn’t get you excited to listen to this song, I don’t know what will.
Listen and see tour dates below:

  • Tuesday June 19th at The National in RICHMOND, VA
  • Wednesday June 20th at The Orange Peel in ASHEVILLE, NC
  • Thursday June 21st at Bijou Theatre in KNOXVILLE, TN
  • Friday June 22nd at The Cannery Ballroom in NASHVILLE, TN
  • Saturday June 23rd at Headliners Music Hall in LOUISVILLE, KY
  • Saturday June 24th at 20th Century Theatre in CINCINNATI, OH
  • August 3rd at Osheaga Festival in MONTREAL, QC, CAN.

Have a nice day!

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