Album Stream: Fiona Apple – “The Idler Wheel…”


Well folks, here it is. The newest album from Fiona Apple. After getting hooked on Apple’s amazing voice and songs after hearing the song “Criminal” I had to get more. I collected all I could, then realized she halted her public musical production in 2005 after “Extraordinary Machine.”

But now, after seven years of painful waiting, it’s finally here. Stream Apple’s newest album “The Idler Wheel…” on NPR HERE

Have a fantastic day!

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3 Responses to Album Stream: Fiona Apple – “The Idler Wheel…”

  1. it's a secret! says:

    ummmmm well hello! this album is great! you’re great! you should listen to regina spektor because she’s almost as great and i think you might enjoy some of her stuff! also brandi carlile. and if you don’t well ill get grumpy and ill bite ya. hmm is this public? im not sure. Oh well, i don’t care. (:

  2. imveryape says:

    By far the best album of 2012… in my opinion.

  3. imveryape says:

    Oh, and by the way, great albums on your background. You may agree with my 70 greatest albums of all time.

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