Song Ramble: Ready For the Floor

As some of you readers know, I happen to be a pretty big fan of Hot Chip. I think it all started off with their song “And I Was a Boy From School” which is featured on their 2006 album “The Warning.” I fell in love with it’s infectious beat, vocal harmonies and just the outright smoothness of the song. My feelings toward the band only grew as I explored their discography more. This was in about 2010 I discovered them, just in time for the release of their album “One Life Stand” which I also love.

That same year, I went to see them open for LCD Soundsystem and boy was that a great show. They were all business during the show, not really stopping the flow of music to talk to the audience and announce what song they’re going into next: one song flowed into another to create an unstoppable current of music. The only way they really interacted with the audience was with their antics onstage; the band members really got into playing their instruments and usually danced around, interacted with each other and had a good time while playing equally as fun music. One moment I clearly remember from the concert was on one of their songs the bass was really pumping and one of the members looked out into the audience, grinned to himself, and proceeded to turn the knob on the bass modulation higher and higher, so eventually everyone was rumbling underneath this giant bass wave. This yielded a universal “WOOOAAAHHH” from the entire crowd and the band member was clearly pleased. I can safely say that that concert, plus the FANTASTIC LCD Soundsystem set afterwards, is one of, if not the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Now, as some of you might have seen, Hot Chip was at the Pitchfork Music Festival and was one of the bands that was featured in their livestream broadcast of the festival. It was one of the few streams I watched/listened to, and I was extremely pleased to find that Hot Chip can still put on a killer live show. They flew through their set, playing their fan favorites and a bunch of new ones from this year’s album, “In Our Heads.” But the song that caught my attention the most was their song “Ready for the Floor” which I had never heard before. How could I not have heard it before? It’s great!

Well, after lots of listening, head bobbing, awkward dancing around my room, views of live youtube performances, posting the music video on Facebook, I’ve found that it is my favorite Hot Chip song, meaning it’s the best thing they’ve ever done. I don’t know what it is about the song, but it’s just perfect. The hook of “you’re my number one guy” is instantly loveable, it’s super danceable,  and it MOVES. Pure greatness.

Well, I just wanted to post about this song on the blog instead of posting it to Facebook again. It’s just one of those songs that I can listen to over and over and it doesn’t get old.

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