Merchandise – “In Nightmare Room”


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. That’s a shame, isn’t it? Well, college has kinda gotten in the way of that a bit. BUT it hasn’t gotten in the way of my voracious appetite for the best music the world has to offer. This post deals with some of that great music.

This band here is Merchandise, a post-punk/new wave/industrial group from Tampa, Fla. and they released an album this year entitled “Children of Desire,” pictured above, and it’s free (along with a lot of their other material) on their website. How nice of them! The even nicer part? It’s GREAT. One standout among many, “In Nightmare Room” is the song I’m gonna post here because I’ve listened to it SO many times today. It’s like a PERFECT mix of The Smiths, Jesus and Mary Chain and some other industrial influences. The dude’s voice is great and it works amazingly well with all the instrumentation. I really like the lyrics too, which is a surprise in most post-punk kinda deals because you either can’t understand the lyrics or they’re just not that good!

Check it out below and download the album above!

Also if you’re in the Connecticut area they’re playing at Willimantic Records in Willimantic at 3:00pm on Sunday, the 16th. It’s gonna be a GREAT show! I’m gonna be there!

Have a killer day!

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