Album Stream: Taken By Trees – “Other Worlds”

You can now stream one of my favorite albums of the year, Taken By Tree’s third solo LP, “Other Worlds.” The album was heavily influenced by Victoria Bergsman’s trip to Hawaii, like her previous album which was influenced by her trip to Pakistan. However, unlike many Hawaiian themed albums or projects, this thing isn’t oversaturated with ukelele and touristy, luau type imagery. This harkens scenes of lazing on a secluded beach, palms swaying behind you, the ocean washing up to your toes as you’re sitting in the pleasant midday shade and dreaming the day away. Expect to be caressed into a euphoric dreamland by sweet steel drums, slide guitar, rhythm guitar, tropical percussion and Bergsman’s airy voice.

I listened to this album while I was walking through my college’s campus, which isn’t that beautiful mind you, and I felt like I was on some wonderful retreat where I get free food, board and activities! Oh wait, I already have that in college. Thanks Mom and Dad. Check out this dreamy release below via Youtube playlist!


Have a soothing, relaxing, wonderful day!

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