Purity Ring x Danny Brown – “Belispeak II”

So this is cool.

We already know that Purity Ring songs are pretty OK to be rapped over after hearing many mashups putting A$AP Rocky songs over warped versions of the duo’s dark beats, mostly the mashup done by The Hood Internet, placing A$AP’s “Peso” over Purity Ring’s sped up version of “Obedear,” making a track that’s druggy yet danceable, called “Pesobedear.” Sorta like Four Loko, I guess.

This is next level, though. Danny Brown is rapping a whole new set of verses over this remixed version of “Belispeak” which paints a picture of his difficult upbringing living in inner-city Detroit. Pairing the very dark, towering beats with Danny Brown’s imagery sets the scene for a concrete jungle in which a young Danny Brown is scrounging around for food, because his “belly speaks.” Ah yeah that’s good.

Also some of his verse is autotuned. His voice doesn’t really fit the “autotune” aesthetic, I think his voice is pretty notable on it’s own. They probably did it so it could fit into the song a bit more, but it still sounds a little off. Check it out below, dawgs:

Have a nice day, y’all

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