Air Tycoon – “Space”

Hey y’all

Hope you’re all enjoying your Novembers, mine has been extremely busy but chock full of absolutely fantastic music. I thought I’d let y’all know about some of it here! What we have first is Air Tycoon, AKA Joseph Garcia, who is a 20-something year old beat maker that crafts druggy, trap-like but very danceable instrumentals that work great by themselves. He incorporates some wonky, 8bit and future garage aspects into his work along with the usual bass & snare backbone of trap instrumentals. This stuff is the bomb, seriously. The songs usually have one really driving part to them while some really cloudy, ambient piece works underneath and even though they’re upbeat, there’s always really chilled out atmosphere for you to rest on.

I recommend you listen to this guys stuff on nice headphones or speakers! Your MacBook Pro speakers will not do this stuff justice. The sample is off of his album “Fuck Everything I’m God” which came out last year. He’s an extremely active artist and has 4 more releases on this year with another coming up I believe. Check it all out, it’s on his bandcamp.

Check it out a sample below and make sure to check out his Bandcamp if you like what you hear.

Have a great day!

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