Beck – “Defriended”

If you know my music tastes or have known me for a while, you know that I cannot get enough of Beck’s music. So when I found out that Beck is releasing TWO albums this year after not doing anything substantial for about five years, you could say I was a bit elated. What added to this joy was that the first single he put out from this duo of albums is STELLAR. It’s crazy how Beck can put out a song that doesn’t sound like any of his other material but instantly when you hear it it has that signature Beck sound on it. It features some rolling snare hits, a twinkling synth melody, a bouncing bassline, and pretty reverbed vocals from Beck. If I were to compare it to an era of Beck’s sound, I’d probably liken it closer to Modern Guilt and The Information than anything else. I’m really glad he’s going in that direction (based on this song) because even though I enjoyed the super country leaning single he put out last year on Third Man, I really enjoy his more modern sounding material. No release dates have been set, but when they do come out I’ll be a happy little boy.

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