Beck – “Blue Moon”

beck-morning-phase-artIf you’re a constant reader of this blog or you’re one my friends (you don’t even need to be a close friend!), you probably know that I am absolutely infatuated with Beck’s music. Besides his extremely lo-fi anti folk releases from the early 90s, I’ve loved every single one of his records and I think the progression of sound between each album is one of the most interesting in music. Going from slacker rock anthems on Mellow Gold and Odelay, to weirdo country jams on Mutations, to sex freakouts on Midnite Vultures, to one of the most quintessential breakup albums of all time Sea Change, then to indie rock coolness on Guero, Information and Modern Guilt, I’m so excited to see where Beck goes next.

This new album is described as a companion piece to Sea Change, as it has many of the same musicians that performed on Sea Change as well as recurring tones and themes. The newest track, Blue Moon, definitely reflects that as it is mostly acoustic instrumentals and mostly sad song material. It’s immaculately produced, with a bit of cello, mando, booming percussion and of course Beck’s signature croon. The dude’s 43, but he still sounds youthful. Definitely wiser, but still has some kick. Check out the song below.

Morning Phase is out February 25th


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