Wave Racer – “Streamers” [2014]

Hey so for some reason I totally forgot that this song came out in 2014 and excluded it in all my decision making when it came time for list creation. WOOF.

Well, if I could go back in time and rethink my Top 50 Songs, this would definitely be on it. The award it would get would be Song I Could Get The Most Ignorant To. These ignorant things were not because exorbitant amounts of alcohol, cause that’s not my style, but silly levels were at the maximum with this song being played really loud.

One example in particular was my last show of my 2014 spring semester where I was inebriated on air. I was playing all my favorite party hits and sending incoherent snaps to people, cause I was alone on a Friday night at the radio station. I had a great time though. Not so much in the morning though. Oops.

Anyways, this song is incredible. As someone who was raised on Nintendo and other video games, this song is like seeing all your best friends from high school have a blast with all your college friends. BADASS.

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