Sun Araw – “Beams” [2008]

This week I had my favorite long train ride from New Haven to NYC, a quick, two-hour ordeal, to go see Björk in Brooklyn. I put on a great album for traveling, Sun Araw’s Beach Head, a four-song psychedelic odyssey through hazy, exotic beaches and bayous. I usually would have gravitated to sharing the “hot-tubbiest” of the tracks, “Horse Steppin’,” but this time I thought I’d share this one, “Beams,” instead.

Why? Well once you get about four minutes into this song, you’ll realize why. There’s a thick, syrupy blues guitar line that pummels in and feels like a gooey waterfall rushing all down your face and all you can do is bob your head along with it. All the while there’s all this crazy psychedelic ambiance of guitar feedback and looping distortion happening in the background, which sounds totally improvised. I don’t do drugs but this kinda seems what it would sound like. Give me some feedback on that one.

Anyways, GROOVES. I described this type of music to my friend as “deeply psychedelic boogie beach jams,” which should hopefully interest you. Give it a listen.

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