Ryosuke Miyata – Sea Of Nebukawa [Album, 2015]


One style of music that seems to be usually put off to the side on many year end lists is ambient drone/field recordings, probably because they’re definitely not for everyone and it’s hard to subjectively rank them over say, a pop album. I only bring up year end lists because I feel like it’s almost that time when people come out to see what they’ve missed throughout the year, myself included.

This album from Ryosuke Miyata is a great collection of ambient drone tracks filtered in with pleasant field recordings. It won’t be on my own personal year-end list, but still an album I enjoyed a lot periodically throughout the year that I thought that people that frequent this blog should know about. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of field recordings, the name pretty much explains itself- they’re recordings from nature or real life: bird calls, answering machines, waves & water splashes… just y’know, sounds from the field. These are spliced in with slow moving, glacial drones that are more calming and blend into the background rather than jarring. The song names too, fit into the ambient mold, naming places and settings, rather than the activities that occur in said places. Establishing a canvas that lets any mind create meaning behind.

It’s music that sparks imagination. Without pretension, it is able to take you to a place that doesn’t exist, only through tones and sounds. Think of it as your version of Spirited Away, only where your parents don’t turn into pigs. Unless you want that to happen, then go ahead.

Check it out below & thanks for reading.

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