DIIV – “Mire (Grant’s Song)” [2016]

FULL DISCLOSURE: I promote this album & band to radio stations at my job. I loved this band before the job though, so I think it’s real love, but hey, if you wanna get political about it, here’s the little tag for ya.

By and far my favorite song on the new DIIV album, even though I think all of it is pretty dang fantastic. I love Cole’s breakaway from the cool, subdued vocals that he has on almost all the other tracks of the album in a big way, by screaming his lungs out at the apex of the song. The whole song is brooding and boiling with energy. The smeared guitars are creating tons of havoc all over the track while the drums add madness to the chaos, occasionally filling in a rapid succession of quick hits. It’s nuts – real crazy n cool.

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