Moons – “Waves At Night” [2012]

Moons is or was an Atlanta-based project and “Waves At Night” is the b-side of the only 7″ that they ever put out, as far as I know. The a-side, “Bloody Mouth,” sounds absolutely nothing like this. It’s closer to Phoenix if anything, which is interesting because the only other thing I’ve heard from Moons besides this 7″ is a remix of DIIV’s “How Long Have You Known.” It’s sonically closer to this, so when I heard “Bloody Mouth” I was pretty surprised.

“Waves At Night” is an ethereal slice of dream pop perfection with robotic, distant vocals and glittering synths populating the background. There’s a simple, constant drum machine beat that’s characteristic of the bedroom pop at the time (circa 2009-2012, based on my calculations) and there’s also lovely female vocals that are just high enough in the mix to hold their own, but not too in your face. Everything on this track meshes extremely well, which is why I’ve probably been so enamored with it for the past four years.

Songs like these are the treasures of the music blog era. Songs that were one-offs or little projects that gained notable attention in a few circles after being posted as a free download, but then faded into oblivion. I just love that! Mostly because I know that there are people like me out there that are still waiting for new material from an artist four years later. That’s my relationship with this Moons musician. If you’re out there – hope you’re doing ok.

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