Vesuvio Solo – “Mirror Held To The Flower” [2016]

Holy smokes. Are you ready to feel sensual at your computer desk and/or to your phone screen? Then smack the dang play button on this hot track.

Montreal band Vesuvio Solo are releasing their new album Don’t Leave Me In The Dark this Friday (Sept. 30) and as of now the whole thing is streaming over on Gorilla Vs. Bear, but I wanted to bring attention to the second single from the record, “Mirror Held To The Flower.” It’s got such a simple, luscious groove that has had me hooked all day and easily situated itself into my “loop this forever” folder. Silky smooth, easy riding, low-lit, pulsating grooves. Now that’s some good eating.

The whole album has material like this, but this one sticks out in a special way for me. I highly recommend checking the album out and giving these dudes your time, especially for fans of Ice Choir/Roman A Clef, TOPS or Mr Twin Sister.

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