Ice Choir – “Comfortable” [2016]

This song has one of the all-time best choruses. Couldn’t care about the lyrics on this one, to be honest. It’s like this infectious song was made for a commercial or something or short film shown to elementary schoolers.

I can picture it now: a fast-moving game show marathon rips through a grocery store. Frantic participants throttle others and use goofy gadgets to get the upper hand. The prize? An all-expenses paid cruise to the Bahamas. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting the cruise. But only one will win. But who wins in the end? Well, it’s the silly kid that played it safe the whole time, treating others with kindness and having a true heart. All the other self-centered runners look deep inside themselves and find a cruise within their hearts. Everyone has a big laugh at the end and the camera zooms way out the roof into space. An astronaut gives a thumbs up. Credits roll. A fun, family friendly film for everyone, chock full of lessons we can apply in the workplace, academia, & at home.

Yeah let me know if you think that fits with this. An amazing song regardless of conjured wholesome imagery.

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