Hatsune Miku + Laurel Halo – “As You Wish”

It doesn’t feel right that Hatsune Miku has made possibly my favorite song of the year so far, but stranger things have happened. That’s the attitude I’m going to approach all things with from now on: nothing is weird, because everything from here on out is not normal.

If you’re unfamiliar, Hatsune Miku is a massively popular digital pop star from Japan. An eternal “16-year old idol with turquoise, thigh-length ponytails” with computer-generated vocals, performing as a hologram with a huge backing band behind her in the darkness. I’ve never gotten onto the Miku train. It has always seemed much too culty, too overwhelmingly weeb for my taste. Just look at what the live shows look like. Very, very spirited.

In the past other artists I enjoy, like Anamanaguchi, have collaborated with the Miku team to make music. This time, experimental electronic technician Laurel Halo joins in to add her disorienting touch to the usually saccharine, fired up pop music. Her influence is probably why I like it so much. There are some other party members at play in this song, but I’ll just chalk it up to LH. It’s dark, disorienting and doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard from her before. More robotic than usual & carries an inhuman warmth, much like Laurel Halo’s music.

I’d go into more detail on why this combination took place, but instead you should check out a great synopsis on what Hatsune Miku exactly is HERE, as well as the project that this song came from. Has a lot to say about all phases of life for a “pop star” or a “hit song.” Really interesting stuff for pop culture researchers.

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