Support the ACLU – Bandcamp Picks For You


UPDATE: Buying these albums no longer benefits the ACLU, since it was a one day only thing! However, these are still great albums to buy and support the artist. Enjoy!

Quick post so I get it out in time for people to react – these are a few favorite albums of mine that you can buy on Bandcamp to support the ACLU. This is ONLY for Friday, February 3rd, so if you buy them on any other day the money will go to the band. Which is still good obviously, but this is even better! Spend money, get music, support AMERICA. Fun times! Donate, donate, donate. As we’ve already learned through the winning politics, money saves the world. Why can’t art too?

Amazing, romantic, homey dream pop that will make you happy and fuzzy inside.

Kickass rock n roll in the vein of Thin Lizzy. Cannot deny the riffage.

Essential folk rock listening. A summer album through and through.

Wet leather, moisturizer, satin sheets, silk robe, black light, candles, bubble bath.

There are many moments on this LP where I get the “groove face,” which is a pained scowl when the grooves get too good.

Elegant in its subtlety. Powerful in its approach.

Really fun, interesting house music. Discovered this just today actually, probably going to buy it myself, haha.

Soon to be 100 songs for the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. An all-star assortment of acts providing music. $30 now for all 100 songs.

The whole album is good, but “Tiger” is one of the best songs ever made. I stand by that.

Saccharine synth pop about loss and love. Extremely easy to love.

A rave fantasy. A transport to a neon dimension with a melty reality.

The best vaporwave/urban ambient record of all time. ALL TIME. The absolute perfect record for late night train rides.

We’re living in crazy times, so why not replicate the crazy times with the music you listen to. One of the most unique records I’ve ever heard. Strange mix of many different types of electronic music. Ambitious in scope, stellar in execution. Like picking up on an alien broadcast.

The ultimate groove machine. One of my most-played albums of all time. Sensual to the max.

Chill to the max. Get chill, bro. Hey bro, just chill out, bro.

Pop & rock music’s next great innovators.

My favorite album of 2015 and would have been my favorite album of 2016 too if I could have done that.

Warped, moldy, derelict post punk. Sounds like it’ll break immediately, but never does. Precursor to Preoccupations/Viet Cong.

The hypest soft rock I’ve ever heard. Buttery smooth. Live band is hella tight.

Another ultimate groove machine. 2014 was good at that. “Way To Be Loved” is a barnburner.

All of Sufjan’s music is on Bandcamp. If you don’t have any, what the hell are you doing?

From Russia with love. Icy cold lo-fi pop. My favorite EP of 2016.

Top 5 of 2016. A romantic wilting flower, a wistful walk on the beach on a cloudy day, a sunset peeking through clouds, one lone voicemail you’ve been putting off listening to.

Spanish dream pop with a bunch of other quirks and catches to it.

There are plenty more things out there but these are just a few of the options I really like! Hope this helps! Love ya!

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