Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Magneto” [2016]

I was a big dummy last year and let this pass me by. I was a big dummy for many other reasons as well, but this is the one I’m fuming about at this moment. I’ve never really gotten into Nick Cave – his discography has always been daunting, especially since his music is so intense. I felt like the right entry point was consistently evading me. Staring at that wall of a discography, seeing all the praise for each one was a bit much. So when this album came, it was pushed down the pecking order due in part to my preference for other “more modern” stuff coming out at the same time, along with the nervousness to finally dive down the Nick Cave rabbit hole.

However, after watching the documentary One More Time With Feeling, which was made around the recording of this new album, Skeleton Tree, I feel like I’m ready to take the plunge into his library. Ever since I watched the film I’ve been listening to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds records, especially Skeleton Tree. He’s an incredible songwriter, lyrics and arrangement-wise. He’s able to tap into some kind of higher plane of existence on some of these songs. As silly as that statement sounds, I feel like I can’t hear any other musician making songs like these. I don’t even know the dude’s music that well and I’m saying that. “Magneto” is the song that stuck with me, but “Jesus Alone” is also terribly striking. Brilliant record.

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