Hundred Waters – “Particle” [2017]

One of my favorite bands from the last five years, Hundred Waters, look like they have a new album on the way with the release of song “Particle,” by far the most straightforward and obtusely bass-heavy song they’ve ever done. Nicole Miglis’ unique, weightless voice dances upon an instrumental that seems more fit for giant festival crowds rather than the intimate, organic + synthetic fusion the band usually wins me over with. However, the more I listen to it, the more I’m on board with it.

I’m imagining that this upcoming project is going to be more mainstream in sound, but overall shows off a great growth in the band’s songwriting that’s developed over the past three years. Their last album The Moon Rang Like A Bell, was my favorite album of 2014 so there are some unreal heights to live up to, but I’m really excited about this album, no matter how it sounds. Just happy this band is continuing to make music.

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