Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – “An Intention” [2017]


A child looking into a telescope slowly learns the cosmic knowledge of the universe.

Incredibly talented composer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is set to follow up her breakout 2016 album EARS with The Kid, coming October 6, 2017. I couldn’t be more excited. EARS was one of my top listened-to records of 2016 and her show earlier in 2017 was absolutely transcendental. She’s truly one of the most exciting and skilled talents in my listening zone and will gladly place my ears upon anything she puts together.

Upon first listen, this track is a lot more vocally-focused compared to her previous work. Her knotty, intricate synth work is still intact, but here her voice is the lead storyteller instead of the entire portrait of sound demonstrating its intent. Immediately it reminds me of Fever Ray, something I never got on EARS or Euclid. I’m very excited for the LP and her upcoming show at The Good Room in BK.

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