Gauntlet Hair – “Top Bunk” [2011]

Saw this song posted on my FB today and it brought me right back to when this song came out, the summer before I started college. Definitely a song that I was blasting in my car while driving around my hometown in Michigan for the last time. There were a few songs that are also forever associated with that time. Little Dragon’s “Ritual Worship,” M83’s “Midnight City,” Washed Out’s “Eyes Be Closed,” The Joy Formidable’s “Whirring,” Burial’s “Street Halo,” among others. It was a big time in my life that needed some big tunes. These delivered.

Back to the song at hand – people could slap “Animal Collective worship” onto it and say whatever, but I think it’s a bunch more than that. It’s a rollicking, psychedelic, messy, catchy song. Definitely one of the best songs of this decade and better than anything AnCo put out recently. Too bad Gauntlet Hair doesn’t exist anymore! Would have loved to hear new material (they’ve got a 2013 album that I actually haven’t listened to yet) but maybe it’s best to keep the legacy as it is with this incredible song.

I never got into the whole album, which is a shame. I should really revisit it. There are probably a ton of records from that period (2009-2011) that I need to revisit. Such a fertile time for indie rock, birthing bands that are selling out huge venues now, or small groups that fizzled out once the “indie rock world” got really oversaturated. I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out on new music lately, so that’s what I might do in the next few weeks. Hopefully I’ll be posting more about it too.

Until next time.

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