September Show Series 2017, Pt. 7: Big Thief & Palehound

After over a two-week delay, things are continuing to move. Thanks to you if you’ve been keeping track. Not much to say on this since it was rather standard. No extreme breakdowns of emotions, just really, really solid rock music.

This show took place right after the last part in the series, which featured Gracie & Rachel. I scooted across the bridge to Brooklyn from Manhattan – a casual move. The most extreme two-show capers I’ve ever pulled off is going from Brooklyn Steel, a remote venue in Williamsburg, to Radio City Music Hall up in midtown, Manhattan. Did it, though.

Back to the show at hand – there was another opener that I missed named Really Big Pinecone. I got to catch Palehound though, a band I’ve been a casual fan of for the past four years or so. They played a pretty alright set, to be honest. I wasn’t and am still not familiar with their newer material (only really familiar with their 2013 EP) but they put a lot of heart in their set and a lot of people were into it. Also seemed like really genuine, sweet people! Can’t deny that!

The main attraction though, Big Thief, is a band that I’ve been wanting to see live since last year. My partner had seen them already so I was jealous. I need that extra level of connection between us – we’ve both seen Big Theif. Woah how cool? Their new album Capacity has some really great moments on it – I might like it more than their debut, Masterpiece. In the end, the band really delivered. They’re an incredibly tight live band, with each member keeping in a great sync with one another: making eye contact, signaling changes, etc etc. When a band performs all together, things succeed. Usually if everyone’s off on their own islands, things start to fall apart. This was a case of the former. All the songs sounded great and everyone stayed in line real nicely.

Lead singer Adrienne Lenker had a great, genuine stage presence that was mostly shy, but had some humor to it as well. The guitarist, Buck Meek, also peppered in some banter as well, a lot of which reminded me a lot of things a very good friend from college would say on a regular basis in their more flighty days.

Didn’t stay for the encore because I had just been to six shows in seven days, but it cemented that “Great White Shark” and “Shark Smile” are probably my two favorite songs off that new record. Go sharks. Shout out to Eva, if she’s reading this.

Morale Check: I was pretty doggone tired after this one, gotta say. Two shows plus the real late night of Mount Eerie from before was weighing me down – BUT – only two more to go from here. And they really excited me and got me raring to go.

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