Charli XCX – “Roll With Me” [2017]

Since mid-December 2017 til the time of this blog post (and likely long after), all I’ve been listening to regularly has been Charli XCX. More specifically, her two 2017 mixtapes Number 1 Angel and Pop 2. The latter is what threw me down this never-ending set of addicting stairs, but Number 1 Angel has some big, big bangers that continue to bring me in. This song, “Roll With Me,” is the biggest of them all.

Featuring classic, razor-sharp bubblegum production from SOPHIE and some melt-worthy vocal melodies in the hook from Charli, this song is a tried and true earworm that has me near-breaking my replay button. Each repetition of the song allowing the release of another stream of dopamine into the mainframe, resulting in a vicious, never-ending cycle. It’s fast-paced, hot-tempered, makes me want to join a step aerobics class (as many club-minded songs do) and it just plain makes me feel good. Does your pop song make you feel good? Might want to find a new pop song if not, buster brown.

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