Sun Araw – “Holodeck Blues” [2010]

I would write papers during my final year of college to Sun Araw, one of my favorite psychedelic artists. It would put me in some sort of primal trance, not allowing any confounding thoughts to interrupt my process. I previously had trouble with things distracting me while doing big projects, likely to reduce the stress that I was putting upon my brain. This music allowed me to amply distribute said stress into other areas of my brain while still utilizing its maximum efficiency. Or something like that. Either way, I finished college with a minor in Spanish after taking four upper-level Spanish classes at once, so I definitely have this man to thank, at least partially.

This song specifically is the climactic conclusion to his 2010 album On Patrol (Not Not Fun). It isn’t the best track off the record, but it’s definitely one of the most memorable. Since it was the longest it meant I had the most uninterrupted time to get through the jam and get my work done. The final bit (I’ll let you get to it naturally without me spoiling it) really throws this song over the edge for me. The trance is a real thing and this track will show you.

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