Software – Digital-Dance LP [1988]

Youtube has picked up a reputation of unearthing all of these forgotten gems of weird, synth, jazz and pop music that otherwise would have been lost to time. We can see this with Japanese musicians like Midori Takada or Ryo Fukui, which just pops up in certain recommended videos sidebars thanks to Youtube’s mysterious algorithm.

This is a record that it brought me one day and I thought I’d share it here as well. Software is Peter Mergener and Michael Weisser and the record sounds like new age, synth noodling, beneath the waves, in the clouds, one with the soil, floating in the air earthy delight ambient. It’s really all over the place and super engaging to listen to. I can’t recommend it enough. Next time you find yourself in a Youtube hole, try and find something you’ve never seen before. Chances are it’ll be really damn cool.

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