El Polen – “A Las Orillas Del Vilcanota” [1973]

El Polen’s fantastic record Fuera De La Ciudad was one of my first worldly discoveries I made while on the hunt for new music and one of the main sparkplugs that has fueled my desire to continue finding buried gold (well, maybe not so buried anymore, but still relatively obscure) and bring it to the surface for friends and the like to enjoy.

El Polen was a psychedelic rock band from Peru who made the record in question on a pilgrimage-esque trip into the Andes, specifically to Cuzco. There they let their hippie freak flag fly and made a record that they felt connected to the more natural setting they found themselves in and tapped into something really special. It feels loose and free, much like a celebration of life and nature. Not only in the personality of the band bleeding through in every track, but in the way the songs are arranged and performed. It all feels balanced: each performer ebbing and flowing with the other. It this was all just a ploy to appear rootsy and connected, they succeeded.

I say it every time I post something here – but this album is really something special. I first heard it in 2012 and I’ve constantly revisited it. Heck, I even bought a CD remaster for $40 that came with a poster and two extra tracks. This album means a lot to me and I hope you enjoy it.

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