G Flip – “About You” [2018]

Haven’t posted in a minute – been dang busy! Thought I’d throw out a low ball here with one of the buzziest, if not THE buzziest track of 2018 thus far. When I first heard this song I wasn’t over the moon about it despite the hyperbolic clamoring that was happening around me. It’s a super solid song. Ultra catchy that’s easy to sing along to by the last chorus.

The main reason I’m posting about it now is because I’m about to chronicle my full SXSW 2018 and G Flip was a major player in that experience. I saw her perform twice and both times top my list of best performances of the week. The other tunes she had are just as good, if not better than this one here. It’ll be interesting to hear how those party-ready tunes will translate to studio recordings, since they’re so perfect for pleasing the crowds.

I’ll say it now before she hits a town near you – get on the G Flip train now and see her live. You won’t regret it! Make sure to get near the front like I did!

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