Friendly Fires – “Love Like Waves” [2018]

One band that I’ve regularly forgotten about in their long absence has been Friendly Fires, whose two albums produced a fair amount of highly-replayable singles, making my amnesia for their existence a bit peculiar. I guess the last time I listened to them heavily was in 2011, when they released their last album. I remember liking them, but at the time they were a bit too pop for my preferences.

This new song “Love Like Waves” is an ecstatic return, featuring an incredibly dance-friendly chorus, a rubbery bass line and an accessible club beat that leans towards a heady tropical disco/house slant, but is mellowed out enough that average pop fans could easily jump in. I’m not sure they could have come back with a better song after a seven-year hiatus, to be honest. Now that my tastes have allowed me to be more of a poptimist, I’m really looking forward to whatever they have coming next. Let’s hope that I start latching onto them a bit more with this new one.

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