Rosalía – “Pienso En Tu Mirá (Cap.3: Celos)” [2018]

I’ve been listening to + watching the marvelous music video for this new track from Barcelona’s Rosalía nonstop for a little over a week now – thought it was high time to finally post it over here.

I came across it thanks to one of my musicians from the last few years, El Guincho, who had a hand in co-producing this song + the first single that was released “Malamente (Cap.1: Augurio)”, both coming off her upcoming album El mal querer. I also saw a few other ~trusted sources~ like Tri Angle Records and Nite Jewel tweeting their praises for the track, so I had to dig in. Thankfully I was immediately hooked – catch me on the bandwagon, y’all!

Refreshing to hear flamenco and Western pop merge in such a way, with handclaps and hardened, staccato beats to emphasize the fiery nature of the music and dance behind it. The melodies are infectious and I’ve had the chorus stuck in my head for days. Rosalía recently guested on the new album from reggaeton titan J Balvin, so the world of hype for that is overflowing into this to make a whole new whirlwind of exciting, world-spanning pop music. Can’t wait for this album!

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