Listen: ODESZA – “Just A Memory (Mild Minds Remix)” [2019]

ODESZA is still riding the high from their 2017 sophomore record, having released a myriad of remix comps for nearly every song on the record throughout 2018, and now have plowed their first stake into 2019 with another collection. This release features newcomer Mild Minds, who totally ripped apart the rather vanilla track that “Just A Memory” previously was and turned it into a spine-tingling, satisfying, and haunting electronic jam.

The three winning factors here that make this track so addictive are as follows: the rumbling, sinister bass they throw on in the chorus; the ghostly, detached, vaguely human vocals they’ve pitched down; and the itchy, two-step-esque shuffle they deploy at times. It’s hard to decipher what the lyrics are in some points, further emphasizing the inhuman, “beyond-the-physical-realm” quality of the track. Dislodged yearning floating in the ether.

It’s an overwhelmingly satisfying song, one that surprised me upon my first listen. “Am I really going to LOVE an ODESZA song this much in 2019?” The answer is definitively yes. I’m not trying to say that the duo’s original music is bad. Not in the slightest, in fact. It’s just my taste has changed and I don’t find myself deriving as much pleasure as I once did with their chill brand of vibe-setting electronic on their debut record. This remix on the other hand, is extremely compelling and something I’ll be revisiting throughout the year.

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