Listen: Tame Impala – “Patience” [2019]

Everyone’s fav Australian long-haired pop rock boys are back with a new tune, following the announcement of multiple festival headline gigs. No album announcement yet, but I mean c’mon. It’s obviously on the way.

The song prominently features some hand percussion (appropriately taking centerstage on the cover of the single) and definitely sounds Kevin Parker-ified, with insane mix tricks and the adjectives squishy and glittery melding together into one cohesive piece. It sounds a lot more lighthearted than their similar-sounding material on Currents, and also hints that Parker had been trawling some hidden groove playlists on YouTube while writing. Not mad about this – deep hidden grooves are hopefully what this blog is going to exclusively feature soon enough. Slow disco vibes are real, with a waterbed bassline and chiming piano leads. Wish the track did more at the end, with maybe a more definitive psyched-out guitar solo or blurry drum fill that the band has been known for, but they’re content with heavily-filtered ambiance floating in and out of frame.

Overall I’d say it’s a step in the right direction in getting myself and the rest of the music world excited about not only whatever album the band has coming, but the live shows as well. Everyone likes to see live hand percussion. The piano is gonna sound great live on a sunset-lit afternoon. I wasn’t a huge fan of Currents overall, but I listened to it a heck ton. Feeling this will likely be a similar situation.

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