Listen: Kornél Kovács – “Purple Skies” [2019]

Although Kornél Kovács new album Stockholm Marathon doesn’t reach the euphoric highs of his last album The Bells, there are some really blissful moments like on opener “Purple Skies”. The whole record features guest vocals from Swedish electronic duo Rebecca & Fiona, which at first glance filter into some sort of PC Music / Kaskade hybrid, but come out in a more dreamy, subtle headspace. The vocals are never truly at the forefront of the mix, allowing them to float in and out of the listener’s consciousness while glittering synths and bouncing bass volley around the soundscape.

Although it doesn’t make me want to hop off my apartment’s stoop and start a night on the town like The Bells, it does make me want to get up on my roof and gaze at the sparkling city lights from a distance, taking it all in and dousing myself in deep introspection.

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