Listen: DIÄT – “W.I.G.T.D.W.M?” [2019]

Every time I feel like I’m burnt out of this post punk stuff, a special project reels me back in. Whether it was Omni in 2016, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (a very poppy variant) in 2017, IDLES in 2018 and not Diät (and to some degree Pottery and Fontaines D.C.) in 2019.

But the cool thing about this band is that they merge the gap of oceans with their sound. I may be wrong, but I think this band formed, or contains folks from Australia, and is now based in Berlin. That’s two major bases for some of the most potent post punk / dark wizard guitar madness in the world. Put them together and holy smokes – you’ve got a record that is catchy, dark, compelling and does a good job at standing out. If any of the adjectives in this paragraph intrigue you, don’t kid yourself by skipping this. Listen now.

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