Listen: Mukqs – “Miracle Love Item” [2019]

You ever feel like you wanna be living on a futuristic floating island in the sky? You’re in luck! New project from Chicago’s Mukqs, Mem Aleph (his third(?) project of the year!), matches the euphoric excitement of actually realizing that you’re living, breathing, existing on a floating island in the sky much like games Jumping Flash or Cave Story. There’s more to the record that those feelings, but personal standout “Miracle Love Item” definitely put me in the land of the cover. It’s streamlined, easy to switch on and lock into, and ripe with rubber band bass and minimal techno elements. I still have yet to dive into Mukqs’ other releases from this year (or any year, to be frank), but I’ve heard really good things from trusted sources. I suggest you start on the journey too!

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