Listen: Reduction Plan – “The River” [2019]

This ain’t no Bruce, but a friend of blog Reduction Plan have a new album coming September 20 via Redscroll Records + Dune Altar. Very cool to see hometown record store Redscroll supporting this release – vinyl and everything!

“The River” finds RP at their biggest and boldest, previously hiding behind a dark curtain on earlier records to craft gothic guitar rituals in solitude. Now the curtain is pulled back into an inky cloak rippling in the wind atop a craggy mountain, with steady percussion and a rhythmic guitar line surging the song skywards. The most notable addition to the RP discography as a whole is by and far the saxophone, providing a literal brassy (or reed-based, whatever) contrast to the apocalyptic post punk thunder. The vocals are still buried, but they’re pointed instead of wafting.

The rest of the album features guest vocals by Boy Harsher’s Jae Williams, something I’m looking forward to hearing down the line. Like I said though, very cool to see a project start in a college apartment turn into a real life dang thing. Excited to hear the rest of it.

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