Listen: Big Bend – “Long Time” [2019]

Got a tip on this great Big Bend album from a trusted friend of the blog and boy howdy am I glad I checked this out. Fits right into my niche of projects that are balanced in terms of murkiness and brightness, active and passive, regimented and improvised. This track in particular, “Long Time” is a great encapsulation of how the majority of the album sounds, although I implore you to listen to the whole thing, with guest features from Laraaji and Susan Alcorn, as well as guest playing by Shazad Ismaily and mastering by Taylor Deupree. Lots of good things going for this album!

To me this track sounds like bobbing atop a deep swamp, with pond slime and rotting foliage occasionally obscuring your vision of a bright, shining sky above. Smeared, dissonant piano keep the track anchored to the bottom of the Earth, while high-flying guitars and a driving percussive track keep the lights on and pointed. The light vocals are then suspended in the middle of these two realities, being fought for by forces of nature. Ultimately, it seems like darkness wins out, slowly cutting to the sound of a mossy cello segueing to the next track.

If you’re a fan of Mount Eerie or maybe even Sam Amidon, I think you should check this record out ASAP. Even if you are unfamiliar with those artists, I think you’ll find something to like within the many creases this album holds. Can’t wait to explore it more.

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