Listen: Badge Époque Ensemble – “Milk Spilt On Eternity” [2019]

If you’re like me, you love U.S. Girls. If you’re REALLY like me, you’ve seen U.S. Girls live. Meg Remy has an incredible live band backing her up, don’t you think? Have you ever wanted a studio recording of something slightly resembling U.S. Girls’ live band doing their own thing, plus a badass flautist strutting at the forefront? Well look no further than the Badge Époque Ensemble, led by none other than Slim Twig, the Canadian musical producer & creator extraordinaire, as well as being the usually bucket-hatted guitarist in the U.S. Girls band. Add five more musicians, along with a few guest performers, you’ve got the Badge Époque Ensemble, the group you need to be listening to if you wanna get into the hottest grooves of summer 2019.

I saw these guys open for USG two months ago and I’m very happy I did. I had no idea who they were, but had to get there early to get a good spot at the 150-cap room. BEE spin a laid back, yet ultra-hot groove on their self-titled album. Pulsed along by nocturnal rhodes, light-footed flute, wah-ed out guitars, hand percussion, and all sorts of, as the band puts it, “raw shit”. It’s all instrumental save for the utterly brilliant “Undressed In Solitude” featuring James Baley, my personal favorite song on the project. I didn’t want to share that song right off the bat, so it can be a kind of a surprise when you decide to check the whole record out. What I’m saying is that you should check the whole record out. Moments of pure shred, moments of cloudy uncanny valley, moments of slick psychedelia. It’s a record that I’ve let replay countless times over the past week. Walked around NYC yesterday at sunset (just as the power outage hit!) and it was just so clutch. Really hoping they have some more material planned for the future and this wasn’t a one-time deal. Even so, it’s one hell of a statement.

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