Listen: Body Meat – “Nairobi Flex” [2019]

Shout out to my buddy who just put me onto Philly duo Body Meat, which is like a combination of most things I love. Blown out electronics, frenetic synthetic percussion, complex polyrhythms, wild production and melodic, autotuned (but not totally detached) vocals. Not to be an “in a society” commenter, but it seems like the perfect type of music for over-saturated Internet-dwellers like myself. They independently released their new album Truck Music back in April and it rules and it sounds great upon first listen. I’m obviously still digesting it, but wanted to share immediate highlight “Nairobi Flex” ASAP.

They performed at Baby’s All Right last night (I had to miss due to another show, but let’s be real, I hadn’t listened to these guys until late last night) but from videos it looked incredible. I know they’re opening for Injury Reserve for their Philly show – let’s hope they somehow get added to the bill up here in NYC cause y’all know I’m gonna be at that.

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