Listen: Friendly Fires – “Almost Midnight” [2019]

Haven’t been posting that much lately and I apologize! Been SUPER busy at my main job and really hunkering down for my best of the decade prep. Not too many things have been really striking me as NEEDING to be featured on the blog, but that might be chocked up to laziness. Hoping to turn that around soon!

However, one record that’s been on pretty constant rotation since its release is Friendly Fires’ first album in eight years, Inflorescent. I’ve been highly anticipating it ever since I realized that those dudes hadn’t put out a record in a mad long time and lead singer Ed Macfarlane had some bomb vocal features on a few great records in the meantime. The lead up singles “Heaven Let Me In” and “Love Like Waves” in 2018 made me a fan again and I’m so happy to say that this album lives up to expectations. Thank goodness. Tons of super fun dance slammers.

This song in particular, “Almost Midnight”, is especially special to me and has been the subject of numerous replays. On my first listen I thought the chorus was kinda cheesy, which it is, but man: the electric groove on this song, the silly-putty-like synths, the volleys of bass being shot across the soundscape are just TOO. GOOD. The similar sounds that come to mind are like Currents-era Tame Impala (in the heavy synth psychedelia), Menos Del Oso Planet of Ice Minus the Bear (in the sonic texture of the guitar and the melody of the chorus) and some classic dance cuts that I find on Youtube or something. The whole album is cheesy, dance pop songs that don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s SO much fun and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking for a good time to finish off your summer vacation.

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