Playlist: Baile Brasil! – From Boogie to Bossa

Earlier this year, I started my slow dip into Brazilian funk, boogie, bossa and mpb. I’m not exactly sure what the spark was here, but it began with me checking out Tim Maia’s 1980 self-titled album, as well as Cassiano’s Cuban Soul – 18 Kilates in March. I couldn’t stop listening to them, with their oxymoronic heavy and lightweight grooves. Cassiano’s “Onda” specifically entranced me for most of this year, with its Marvin Gaye-like qualities and canned ocean sounds, there was no way I’d dislike it.

From there I slowly branched out. Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Jorge Ben Jor, Caetano Veloso all gracing my ears for the first time. I had listened to Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges before, but began growing a deeper appreciation for them. As the year progressed, more current music steered my interest away from continuing to discover new (old) Brazilian groups & singers. Then a rogue recommendation of Arthur Verocai’s self-titled record brought me right back in. I’m gonna make a non-controversial, widely-accepted opinion in that Arthur Verocai is a perfect album.

After seeing someone shazam a Verocai song at a bar and then talking to my friend about my skimmings of Brazilian funk and popular music, I decided I should just make a playlist. Not only for other people to listen to, but as a gateway to remind myself of great artists that undeniably deserve a deeper dive, and further listens from there. I’ve found (to no one’s surprise) that the world’s music nerds and DJs have long idolized Brazilian music, particularly funk, as some of the best in the world. I’m happy to finally get on the train and use my limited voice to help spread the world elsewhere, especially to folks that don’t really listen to much, let’s put it “non-white” music.

The following playlist is not sequenced in any way – I recommend either shuffling or listening straight through. I’m probably going to add more songs into it as I find them. This is more of a growing list of pristine Brazilian grooves to make you feel happy. That’s what it does for me – loosens the vice grips on my brain and allows me to waft free amongst plush strings, fat bass, tight drums, and incredible grooves. There’s SO much that isn’t on Spotify as well, so if you or I find anything that’s gotta be heard (much like Cuban Soul – 18 Kilates; not on streaming!) we gotta talk about it.


Hit the jump for the track list:

  1. Gal Costa & Caetano Veloso – “Baby”
  2. Os Mutantes – “A Minha Menina”
  3. Jorge Ben Jor – “Taj Mahal”
  4. Gilberto Gil – “Toda Menina Baiana”
  5. Marcos Valle – “Estrelar”
  6. Jorge Ben Jor – “Mulher Brasiliera”
  7. João Gilberto & Caetano Veloso – “Aquarela do Brasil”
  8. Chico Buarque – “Construção”
  9. Milton Nascimento – “Clube Da Esquina No. 2”
  10. Cartola – “Preciso Me Encontrar”
  11. Tim Maia – “Telefone”
  12. Elis Regina & Antonio Carlos Jobim – “Aguas De Março”
  13. Cassiano – “A Lua E Eu”
  14. Jorge Ben Jor – “Georgia e Jorge (feat. Lucinha Lins)”
  15. Elis Regina – “Bala Com Bala”
  16. Vanessa De Mata – “Não Me Deixe So”
  17. Tim Maia – “Voce E Eu, Eu E Voce (Juntinhos)”
  18. Tim Maia – “Cristina”
  19. Arthur Verocai – “Na Boca Do Sol”
  20. Arthur Verocai – “Pelas Sombras”
  21. Gal Costa – “Pontos De Luz”
  22. Flaviola e o Bando do Sol – “Desespero”
  23. Zito Righi – “Berimbau”
  24. Lula Côrtes & Lailson – “Alegro Piradissimo”
  25. Sessa – “Flor Do Real”
  26. Gilberto Gil – “Aos Pes da Cruz”
  27. Sergio Mendes – “Magalenha”
  28. Antonio Carlos Jobim – “Samba Do Aviao”
  29. Sergio Mendes – “Ultima Batucada”
  30. Stan Getz & Luiz Bonfa – “O Morro Nao Tem Vez”
  31. Novos Baianos – “Besta é Tu”
  32. Gilberto Gil – “Eu Vim de Bahia”
  33. Lula Cortes e Zé Ramalho – “Beira Mar”
  34. Luiz Bonfa – “Perdido de Amor”
  35. Lô Borges – “Calibre”
  36. Os Mulheres Negras – “Maoscolorida”
  37. Tim Maia – “Ela Partiu”
  38. Antonio Carlos Jobim – “Wave”
  39. Secos & Molhados – “Sangue Latino”
  40. Joyce & Gilson Peranzzetta – “Aldeia De Ogum”
  41. Erasmo Carlos – “E Preciso Dar Um Jeito, Meu Amigo”
  42. Quarteto Em Cy – “Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser”
  43. Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti – “Ginga”
  44. Sandra De Sá – “Conte Comigo”
  45. Rosalia de Souza – “Conte Comigo”
  46. Silvio Cesar – “Consolação”
  47. Tony Bizarro – “Nao Pode”
  48. Brazilian Octopus – “Momento B/8”
  49. Evinha – “Esperar Pra Ver”
  50. Os Diagonais – “Não Vou Chorar”

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