Listen: Yalc123 – “Free Throw” [2020]

Somehow came across this great album by Texas musician Yalc123 and their record Yalc Nitsua Mailliw today and I really wish it came out in July so I could feature it in my upcoming Recommended Albums post, but alas I think a standalone post works alright too. The record is a totally futuristic sounding collection of pop songs, all full of bouncy, elastic production and creatively layered and affected vocals, totally plowing over any perceived genre lines and instead opting for a gelatinous playhouse of sound. Yalc sounds like they has a good sense of humor when it comes to putting their music together, as the whole record is a blast to get through. I could have picked any song off this record, but with the NBA back I thought featuring the basketball-themed tune “Free Throw” would be appropriate.

If you buy the album via their Bandcamp page, all the proceeds will go to “various mutual aid funds”, so I highly recommend it. Get ahead of the curve on some futuristic-ass music and support a good cause. I can’t think of a bad step here.

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