Listen: Ela Minus – “megapunk” [2020]

If you need a new, motivating anthem to get you through this deluge of political inaction (or destruction), pandemic fever, idiocy in the form of policy, and the stifling suffocation of the arts, look no further than the new Ela Minus song “megapunk”, released at the end of last month.

Minus is a Colombian-born, Brooklyn-based, Berklee-educated (got enough superlatives?) producer + musician that started off in hardcore, but has packed up those bags and moved into synthesizer music, bringing that same urgent energy into a field that stands to be just as revolutionary. “megapunk” has got a great, dark beat bringing me visions of early DFA Records releases, but also definitely staying firmly in the present. The groove is rather steady, but there are moments when slight electronic deviations seem to rip out of the stitching the song has tried to lace together, encouraging the same burst of nervous energy in the listener. It’s an awesome track, and as far as I know there’s no album announced yet… please let there be an album.

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