Listen: Ana Roxanne – “Suite pour l’invisible” [2020]

One of my favorite new artists of 2019, Ana Roxanne, is releasing her second album Because of a Flower via Kranky on November 13, after putting out her debut ~~~ via LA label Leaving. No shade to Leaving of course, I think they’re great and a vital label for right now, but Roxanne’s new label home is a totally awesome evolution for her and recognition of her extraordinary talent for making slow, healing music for the soul. Just my opinion as a Grouper and Stars of the Lid stan.

This first track off the upcoming album, “Suite pour l’invisible”, is longer than anything she put on her last record, allowing for the gentle washes of instrumentation to take up more space and allowing us as the listener to listen to them expand and billow out as the song progresses. Her vocals are as pristine as ever, again acting as more of an instrument or layer to the quilt rather than a powerful focal point. Roxanne makes music for a kind of utopian universe, one that overflows with caring, kindness, compassion and acceptance. For a time when I personally have been suffocated by the endless onslaught of bad news; sitting down, breathing and letting this track inhabit my brain gave me a rare and much-needed moment of rest.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m quite looking forward to this upcoming album. Again, it’s coming out November 13 via Kranky. You can pre-order the record via the Bandcamp stream I put at the top. In the meantime, listen to ~~~ if you haven’t (or listen again if you haven’t since 2019) and also check out releases from Kranky if you’re unfamiliar. Legend status in my book.

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