Listen: Better Person – “Hearts On Fire” [2020]

SO much great new music came out today, October 23rd, but I gotta point you to something you might miss: Something To Lose, the fantastic debut album from L.A.-via-Berlin-via Poland musician Better Person (aka Adam Byczkowski), out now via Arbutus. I hadn’t heard any of the singles leading up to the release, but I trust Arbutus with pretty much anything at this point.

To my delight, what I found was soaring, melodramatic, catchy-as-hell sophisti-pop ballads that brings me back to late nights on the town, street lights blurring as the good memories cause tears to run down my cheeks. It’s ultimate late 80s groove music with killer bass lines, inventive drum machine sounds, tasteful touches of sax, and a light croon from Byczkowski. Anything that touches upon this kind of sound has gained an instant soft spot in my heart. If you dig The Blue Nile, Prefab Sprout, or my playlists Essential Oil Dimension or Rose Garden, 2AM, you’ll love this. I listened to the album for the first time today and will likely continue returning to it later this year.

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